3-On-A-Page Manual Checks

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Checks with stubs account for every transaction, so your customers can stay on top of their business records. Stay on top of your records with 3-On-A-Page business checks. They are available in one or two part in several styles, colors and background pantographs. These high quality checks are also designed to protect you from fraud with a minimum of six separate security features.
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Additional Details


Starter Kit

Quantities Offered: 150, 300, 600, 900 and 1200

Number of Parts Offered: 1 Part and 2 Part

Check/Stub Styles Offered: FS, 950, FSP, S, SP, SI and IPC

Pantographs Offered: Safety, Knit, Marble and Parchment

Colors* Offered: Blue, Burgundy, Green, Tan, Teal, Purple, Pink and Yellow


*Not all colors available in all pantographs


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