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Fan-folded stock labels (with and without pinfeeds).
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Additional Details

Our fan-folded stock labels are made of white smudge-proof pressure sensitive material with permanent adhesive. They come fan-folded, perforated at every label. Sold by the carton, with and without pinfeeds.

  • W-TL1P: 7 ¾" x 1" with an 8 ½" carrier width. Folded at every 12 labels, perforated at every 1" (or one label). Contains pinfeeds.
  • W-TL2: 8" x 2" with an 8 ½" carrier width. Folded at every 6 labels, perfed at every 2" (or one label). Does not contain pinfeeds.


To see our complete line of stock label products, see or brochure below or call Customer Service to request your copy of the W-LBL-STK-EU (available with and without the net price list).

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