Standard Plus Continuous Checks

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Differentiate with Standard Plus Continuous checks. Options such as ink colors, background, and border designs and perforation positons allow you to be creative and customizable.
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Additional Details

Quantities: Start at 500
Sizes: 9 ½˝ x 7˝, 9 ⅞˝ x 7, 9 ½˝ x 6 ½˝, 8 ½˝ x 7˝, 9 ½˝ x 3 ½;˝
Background Designs*: FREE! Select from over 50 different background designs... or design your own for a slight charge 
Borders: FREE! 59 different border options to choose from... or design your own for a slight charge 
Parts: Available in up to 3 parts (white, canary, pink)
Production: 5 working days

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Standard Plus Continuous Business Check Color Options

*One of the most popular security features, the hidden message VOID technology, is also the most likely to fail. Manufacturers of the VOID can’t keep up with the ever changing copier and scanner technology in today’s world. That’s why Wilmer layers on the security in our check and prescription pad stock to eliminate the ease of copying our products and leaving your customer at risk for counterfeiting. One of the best security features is the thermochromic ink that you can find on many of our stock products. This fades with heat and is impossible to copy. For more information regarding our security features, contact your local sales rep. For best results, the recommended colors are PMS 281 Blue, PMS 249 Plum, PMS357 Green or PMS 175 Brown. The best pantographs to use are the 933 Camo or the 008 Scallop Voids.