Wilmer Works Fall 2020

SALE! Limited time deals on PSMailers

Prices slashed on our larger volume pressure seal machines. 6-month warranty included. We haven’t seen prices this low since flip phones and Crocs were all the rage. Our high-volume PSMailers machines make light work of labor- and time-intensive mailings and they’re now available at great savings for a limited time:

PSM5000 - $3500 - SOLD OUT

  • Processes up to 40,000 forms/month
  • Includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter - at no additional cost
  • Perfect for smaller operations with room to grow

PSM7000 - $4700

  • Processes up to 125,000 forms/month
  • Includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter - at no additional cost
  • Designed for mid-sized organizations with sizable jobs and tight deadlines

PSM10K - $7000

  • Processes up to 200,000 forms/month
  • Features an extended 36" conveyor
  • Ideal for businesses with high-colume mailroom equipment requirements

All machines are conveniently shipped from Dayton, Ohio, and come with a 6-month warranty. Service contracts available for all models.

Don’t miss this savings opportunity! Contact Wilmer Customer Service to place an order:
800-4WILMER (800-494-5637) or WCS@4WILMER.COM

NEW! Visitor Sign-In Badges

The easy office solution to providing visitor name badges and logging visitor details for future reference.

Our new Visitor Sign-in Books are ideal for any type of office. Includes 10 adhesive-backed name badges per page that allows visitors to write their name, company name, date and time of visit. When they remove their name badge, a message that says “Please use next badge” is revealed. The special multi-page design prevents future visitors from seeing previous visitor information. When the page is complete, the remaining 3-hole punched page with the visitor information can be torn off and placed in a binder or filed for future reference.

These new sign-in books are especially great for schools to track visitors to campus such as parent volunteers, vendors for student photos, class rings, or special events.

Comes in two books of 25 sets of badges (500 name tags) per package, and ships in 1-2 days. Badges have a standard blue outline. Need a special label color or book covers? Contact us for a custom quote! Use item# W-CSGNIN-BKBL when ordering.

NOW AVAILABLE! 2021 Year Label Guide

Time to start thinking about the new year! Our new 2021 Year Label Guide is in stock and ready for ordering. 50% off sale starts October 1st!

Find out how scary good our 2021 Compatible Year Labels are with a preview of our complete line! Our 2021 Year Label Guide is a handy resource to share with customers – now in stock and ready to ship (Item #W-CFP-YLG). Available in an economical pack of 25 and designed to conveniently fit in a #10 envelope. Your customers can market them with their own company’s stamp or label, too.

And don’t forget our fall special: 50% off all 2021 year label orders placed October 1 through December 31, 2020!

Contact Wilmer Customer Service at 800-4WILMER (800-494-5637) or wcs@4wilmer.com

NEW! Orange Sign-In Sheet

For bright and sunny sign-ins, try our new HIPAA-compliant patient sign-in forms in ORANGE.

The front office procedure at medical offices is vital to patient care that is both professional and confidential. With Wilmer label patient sign-in sheets, the patient signs their name on the line then the office staff peels back the label with the patient’s name on it to affix to the patient file or workflow tracking system. This system helps maintain patient confidentiality as future patients signing in cannot see previous patient names. The words "please use next line" are revealed under the label after it has been peeled off the original form which also helps instruct patients to sign on the correct line.

Our HIPAA-compliant forms are available in small quantities with more sign-in lines than the competition – 125 sheets per package, 25 lines per sheet. blue (our largest seller), burgundy, green and our latest additions of purple or our newest color – orange. A cheerful color that brings a feeling of encouragement, determination and stimulation to any office environment. And just in time for the fall season!

To see a complete listing of Sign-In sheets and other HIPAA forms, see our Compatible filing catalog, or call Customer Service and request a copy of the W-CFP-CAT. (Available with and without the net price list.)

NEW! Laser Rx Sheets Enable Full Security Features - and Qualify for Wilmer Rewards!

As an approved security printer that meets or exceeds State and Federal regulations for security, Wilmer Rx pads and products are designed to fully compete with KantKopy and Paris’ DocuGard line.

Regulations on prescription products vary from state to state and are constantly changing. Wilmer specializes in compliant, high technology, state-of-the-art, tamper and fraud-resistant security paper products, like our prescription pads, books and laser sheets that meet State guidelines to print in CA, CO, DE, FL, IN, KY, ME, NJ, WA, WV and WY. Our products exceed Federal guidelines in all other states for both Medicaid and controlled substance prescriptions.

We offer three levels of security features – all of which quality for Wilmer Rewards:


PRESLBL’s and PRESLGN’s (our well-established stock product) printed on 24# Defensa Basic with 9 security features:

  • Scallop VOID pantograph
  • Blue or green background on white paper
  • Artificial watermark "Security Prescription"
  • Watermark in coin reactive ink
  • Rx thermochromic ink
  • Microprint in border of security feature listing "original document"
  • Chemical protection paper
  • Invisibile fluorescent fibers
  • Security feature listing


New PRESSTDLBLSV on 24# MOCR Bond includes 7 security features:

  • Scallop VOID pantograph
  • Blue or green background on white paper
  • Artificial watermark "Security Prescription"
  • Watermark in coin reactive ink
  • Rx thermochromic ink
  • Micropring in border of security feature listing :original document"
  • Security feature listing


PRESSTKLBLSV (NEW) with 6 security features on 24# MOCR Bond

  • Scallop VOID pantograph
  • Blue or green background on white paper
  • Artificial watermark "Security Prescription"
  • WAtermark in coin reactive ink
  • Microprint in border of seccurity feature listing "original document"
  • Security feature listing

NEW! Stock Computer Paper

Keep up with the office printing demands with new Continuous Forms.
Busy offices need products that can keep up with their demands. Wilmer is pleased to now offer Stock Computer Paper for running detailed reports, high speed print jobs, and larger volume jobs. Ideally suited for dot matrix printer use:

  • Offered in single & multiple parts
  • Comes in white for all copies
  • Two sizes for verstility
  • Clean perforated edge removes easily

For more information on this and other flexible office printing solutions visit our website at 4wilmer.com

PERSONAL PROTECTION! Acrylic Partitions the Clear Choice for Safety

As America gets back to business, demand for personal protection equipment is increasing. Our clear Acrylic Partitions help protect customers and employees.
Personal interaction is key to better customer service, especially during COVID-19 times. Our clear Acrylic Partitions provide a safe barrier between customer and employees to help prevent transmission of viruses like COVID-19 while still allowing for face-to-face service. They’re ideal for retail checkout counters, banks, pharmacies, medical reception desks, and more. A great branding opportunity, too – partitions are customizable with corporate logo and messaging.

  • 1/4" Clear Acrylic, durable and easy to clean
  • Customizable with logo and message; choose from direct digital print, repositionable decals and cinyl cut lettering
  • 2 options, both 3-" x 36" - Bent Foot and Slotted Foot
  • Bent Foot weight 11.25lbs; slotted foot weight 10 lbs.
  • Custom heights and widths are available to fit your specific location
  • No tools required ot install either standard design

W-ACR3036: Bent Foot

1/4" Clear Acrylic
30" x 36"

W-ACR3036SLOT: Slot Foot

1/4" Clear Acrylic
30 x 36"

For more information on this and other PPE products, click here.

DID YOU KNOW? FTC Announces New Rule for Contact Rx

FTC amends Contact Lens Rule to require prescribers to request that their patients confirm that they have received their prescription and allows flexibility in the way the prescription and confirmation are provided.

According to the FTC, prescribers will be required to do one of the following to confirm that a patient received their prescription:

  • request that the patient acknowledge receipt of the contact lens prescription by signing a separate confirmation statement;
  • request that the patient sign a prescriber-retained copy of the prescription that contains a statement confirming the patient has received it;
  • request that the patient sign a prescriber-retained copy of the sales receipt for the examination that contains a statement confirming the patient received the prescription; or
  • provide the patient with a digital copy of the prescription, and retain evidence that it was sent, received, or made accessible, downloadable, and printable.

Also, prescribers must maintain proof that they satisfied the confirmation of prescription release requirement for at least three years. If a patient refuses to sign a confirmation, prescribers must note this and save it to record their compliance.


Making Your Life a Little Easier

Everybody needs a virtual assistance - and PrintPlayer is our answer to your needs.
Even though social distancing restrictions over the past several months have kept us from just about all of our favorite activities and freed us up to tend to long-neglected chores, home improvement projects, and binge-watching, life has gotten complicated. Working remotely, serving customers in new ways, responding to changing customer needs, and trying to manage the kids’ virtual schoolwork in a full house 24/7 is overwhelming.

That’s why our distributors are turning to the convenience of PrintPlayer – Wilmer’s e-commerce site – to streamline their work and make their life easier. With PrintPlayer online (4printplayer.com), distributors can customize products easily, place orders 24/7, email live proofs right from the site, and instantly add stock products to your cart. I can hear the sighs of relief already!

Some of our most popular products are available on PrintPlayer:

  • Blank Laser Checks
  • Claim Forms
  • Deposit Tickets
  • Laser Billing Statements
  • Laser Rx Sheets - Newly Added!
  • Pressure Seal Documents
  • Pressure Seal Equipment
  • Standard Laser Checks
  • Software Compatible Laser Envelopes

To quote the wise and quotable Confucius, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” There’s never been a better time to uncomplicate your life with PrintPlayer, the exclusive virtual assistant from Wilmer.

Joel Wynne
Wilmer Director of Sales & Marketing.

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