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Wilmer - New Products

Peel Place Scratch1sm

Scratch-A-Dose  A patented design like no other pill reminder system. Did you take your medications today? 

W Landscapechks4wil 4Web

Newly added Standard Artistic Design Backgrounds offered  Wilmer's latest offering has expanded to include these new landscapes, Patriotic and Healthcare themes as backgrounds on laser check stock on all Tiers. (*hologram excluded)

picture laser checks

New Picture Laser Checks
Wilmer is now offering the option for you to add a personal image to your laser check background! Printed on our Tier 1 checks, this new offering allows you the ability to truly make our checks your own. Whether it’s your family, pet, toy, or nature, you can now have a picture printed on the check.

custom background

Newly added Custom Backgrounds offered Wilmer's latest offering has expanded to include these new Custom Prism Designs as backgrounds on laser check stock on all Tiers. (*hologram excluded) 

W Bondpadsizes Th

New Bond sizes! Used for non-controlled scripts, referral pads and excuse notes. Extra large 8-1/2x11, large 8-1/2x5-1/2 or regular size 4-1/4x5-1/2.


PRESLBL4NP Another new laser Rx sheet option based on a request from our Voice of the Customer survey. 4 up blue laser Rx sheet with no perfs!

YLG 2022 Collage Sm

2022 Year Labels are here! See all of our new options for the 2022 filing labels. 

New Standard Rx
Newly added 2 part non-secure scripts now available for use as non-controlled prescription sheets, doctor excuse notes for work or school and more!

New Substitute Checks
Wilmer is now offering Substitute Check Stock, which are also known as Image Replacement Documents (IRD). They are designed to be a replacement for your banks to issue a replacement check when the original cannot be found.

New Vaccine Intake Forms now available from Wilmer. Gathering the most recent information on patients before seeing the doctor can shorten wait times. 

Introducing the new PSM6000. The PSM6000 delivers unparalleled value to the pressure seal market. This value-added folder/sealer includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter. The duty cycle is perfect for the office that is small today, but will be large tomorrow! View Product

Introducing Wilmer Packaging Products.

Visitor Badges:
Wilmer offers new confidential sign-in visitor badges. Great for the office, schools and more!

Two new levels of security Rx paper
If your customer is interested in less than high security Rx paper, we’ve got some new choices that you have got to see.

Wilmer Stock Computer Paper
Wilmer is now offering plain, continuous stock computer paper. With different sizes and ply arrangements to choose from, this is a flexible office printing solution. The paper is designed to work with dot matrix printers, These paper stocks are ideal for reporting jobs, high speed print jobs, and larger volume jobs.

On the shelf in early July!

Our latest color addition to the sign-in!

New Wilmer Banking Documents

We are now offering Cash In/Out Tickets, and Teller Stamp Tickets. All are designed to help bank tellers keep accurate track of the cash and transactions they handle over the course of their day.