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Wilmer - New Products

New Vaccine Intake Forms now available from Wilmer.

New Scent Check™ now available from Wilmer.

Introducing the new PSM6000. The PSM6000 delivers unparalleled value to the pressure seal market. This value-added folder/sealer includes an integrated conveyor and digital counter. The duty cycle is perfect for the office that is small today, but will be large tomorrow! View Product

Introducing Wilmer Packaging Products.

Visitor Badges:
Wilmer offers new confidential sign-in visitor badges. Great for the office, schools and more!

Two new levels of security Rx paper
If your customer is interested in less than high security Rx paper, we’ve got some new choices that you have got to see.

Wilmer Stock Computer Paper
Wilmer is now offering plain, continuous stock computer paper. With different sizes and ply arrangements to choose from, this is a flexible office printing solution. The paper is designed to work with dot matrix printers, These paper stocks are ideal for reporting jobs, high speed print jobs, and larger volume jobs.

On the shelf in early July!

Our latest color addition to the sign-in!

New Clear Acrylic Partitions

Main information: Clear acrylic partitions provide a barrier between customers and employees that helps prevent the transmission of viruses like COVID-19.

New Wilmer Banking Documents

We are now offering Cash In/Out Tickets, and Teller Stamp Tickets. All are designed to help bank tellers keep accurate track of the cash and transactions they handle over the course of their day.

Purple Sign-In Sheet Image

Coming in June, a new purple sign-in system.

Purple is a highly sought after color due to its perfect balance of the energy of red and the stability and calmness of blue.

Face Masks and Hook

New Face Masks and Hooks

The CDC is now recommending that individuals wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. Consider Wilmer cotton face masks and disposable face mask hooks to comply with CDC recommendations.


New Pressure Seal Documents

There are six fold styles of PS Mailers to give you virtually unlimited options for the various applications your business has for pressure seal mailers:  C-Fold, Z-Fold, V-Fold, EZ-Fold, EC-Fold, and ZX-Fold. To view samples of all of the documents, please visit our Pressure Seal Document Library. See our white pages here.

OCR Red and Black Ink ADA Forms.

New 2019 ADA Forms

The new Black 2019 ADA Form is on the Shelf! Item #WADA2019CS

Effective July 1, 2019 Alaska Medicaid will only accept claim forms in OCR Red Ink. We have stocked the OCR Red in Ontario, CA for quick shipments. Item #WADA2019CSR

Custom Printed Post-it® Products

New Custom Printed Post-it® Products

Let Wilmer help you with your branding needs with Custom Printed Post-it® Products. Custom Printed Post-it® Notes are not just for everyday office use anymore! Keep your brand in front of your customers and prospects day after day with Custom Printed Post-it® Notes, Custom Printed Pop-up Note Dispensers, and Custom Printed Flag + Writing Tools. These useful office supplies give you brand exposure sheet after sheet, making them one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business.


New Thermal Rx Rolls!

Wilmer has added another option when it comes to thermal Rx rolls. These new rolls have the batch # on the front of the script to meet Florida state regulations. (also for use in other states)


Newest Laser Rx on the shelf!

Like the size of a script, but use an EHR system? See Wilmer’s new laser Rx sheet (for use in most states) with the blue horizontal script in the upper left hand corner. Available as a package good, or imprinted to meet state specific guidelines (like batch numbering for Florida).