Marking and Identification

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Marking and Identification

These Wilmer can products provide your customers with the flexibility to mark and ID their shipments, property, products, inventory parts, technology, etc. the way they want to. With easy to use tags and ties, your customer’s employees will be in the know. The uses of Wilmer’s tags and ties are limitless!

Who can benefit from Wilmer’s marking and ID products?

  • Facilities Managers
  • Inventory Managers
  • Information Technology Departments
  • And MORE!

Economical Cardstock TagsEconomical Cardstock Tags

Do your customers need an easy and economical way to mark and identify objects within their business? Our cardstock tags are the perfect light-duty solution for shipping, inventory, or parts identification. View All

Tag It Tie MarkersTag It Tie Markers

Need to mark or ID outside in the elements? Our ties are long lasting, UV-stabilized, moisture-proof and resistant to tampering. View All